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Has your Facebook login been stolen? Did you lose your Facebook password?*

Contact Craig, and he's going to help you! Craig P. Gunderson III has been offering his expertise and experience for *free* for over 12 years! 

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* and Craig P. Gunderson III is in no way associated with the web site or the Facebook Corporation. We are simply providing free advice. This advice in no way should be considered official advice from Facebook!

Here are the reasons why you're probably visiting this site: 

- Your ID or identity was stolen through Facebook.

- Someone got on your Facebook and stole your information.
- You can't login to Facebook or you lost your password. 

- You are having trouble logging into Facebook. 
- The Facebook proprietary code is dysfunctional and user-unfriendly. 

 - You cannot edit your own posts.

 - It is nigh impossible to delete your history, photos or posts over long periods of time. 

 - It is very hard to keep your page private or posts private.

 - The interface is cluttered, clumsy and intrusive (prompts will constantly bug you to provide more personal information).

 - The "timeline" interface is ugly, cluttered and all-around a complete joke.

 - Photos you add to your "timeline" or personal headline fail to resize properly or display properly.   

 - There is no "customer support" to speak of.

 - Facebook routinely deletes pages and posts it finds "offensive". 

 - Facebook routinely censors users who apparently don't agree with its political agenda.

 - The Facebook Ad platform is frustrating, awful and user-unfriendly. 

 - Payment violations occur frequently, but Facebook has no customer support to help you if your account is breached. 

Our forum is free, anonymous, does not require email verification or admin verification. It's a great place to let off steam and share your story. We have provided plenty of categories where you can place your complaint and other users will have an easy time finding it.  
Please click here for our Guest Book. Just another simple, easy, private way to voice your opinion and share your story. 

We are a group of concerned citizens. We are tired of the mega giant corporation known as Facebook taking advantage of end-users. It's time they were held accountable. We've hired Craig P. Gunderson III because his knowledge is unparalleled in the industry. It's time there was one place for people to visit and voice their outrage. A Google search of "I hate Facebook" yields a smattering of distrungled blogs, but nothing cohesive or clear. We are here to change that. *We* are the place to go. Report is much needed resource and platform for consumer advocacy. We also recommend the following sites for great information:, and

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